Healthcare Services in Roorkee

Healthcare Facilities in RoorkeeHealthcare facilities have always been the primary aspect for any administration and the same is not different for the small city of Roorkee in Haridwar district of Uttarakhand. Though the population of this city is around 118,188 as per census 2011, there remains quite a considerable number of tourist footfalls round the year which together makes it absolutely necessary to strengthen the medical facilities in the city. The city has a competent healthcare facility which is, undoubtedly, the efforts of both government and private hospitals, nursing homes which have come together to strengthen the medical care available in the city. There are efficient doctors and experienced medical practitioners who regularly visit the clinics and hospitals and, thus, give excellent medical support to these hospitals. In regards to medical treatment most of these hospitals have modern treatment facilities which help in treating many serious patients too.

The major mode of treatment accepted by people at large in Roorkee is the allopathic medical treatment. There are several hospitals and nursing homes which operates providing allopathic treatment to patients and curing them from difficult diseases. Apart from private hospitals there is the Government Civil Hospital at Dehradun Road, Roorkee which provides medical treatment at absolutely cheap rates. The Chief Medical officer of the hospital takes care of the different health departments and the overall activity of the hospital. There are Goverment CHC and PHC centres for medical help within and around the city. Apart from this there are health program and health related awareness camps initiated by the Government, with the help of doctors and medical students to educate people regarding safety and first aid. They also organize free health check up and polio vaccination camps as well as HIV and Cancer Camps to have a healthy society in Roorkee. The office which looks after this health camps and health program is

Office of Deputy Chief Medical officer
Block campus, Ramnagar
Roorkee, Dist: Haridwar
Phone: 1332 267540
Operationg on : Monday to saturday
Timings : 10:00 am to 5:00 pm

The government hospitals have elaborate medical departments with expertise team of doctors for cardiology, orthopedic, eye, ENT, gastroenterologist, maternity wards and many others. There are pathology labs in the hospital which helps in quick and accurate treatment.

Govt Civil Hospital
21/1 Dehradun Road
Near Shiv Mandir
Roorkee, Uttarkhand 247667
Phone: 1332 263395

Apart from government hospitals there are a number of private hospitals and Nursing homes operating in Roorkee. They have all modern treatment facilities along with senior doctors attached with the organization. Some of the popular private hospitals are Sanjeevan Hospital, Bhagwati Hospital Pvt Ltd, Happy Family Hospital, Kastoori Nursing Home, Anant Nursing Home etc.

Specialized Hospitals in Roorkee

Though all kinds of treatment are available in the Civil Hospital Roorkee, and other major hospitals there are Specialized hospitals like eye hospitals, children hospital, ENT hospital and maternity Hospital which treat critical diseases in regards to their specialized field of treatment. Here treatment gets more advanced and super specialized and experienced doctors in each field attend these hospitals. In Roorkee, for eye treatment there is EyeQ Super Speciality Eye Hospital, for maternity treatment there is Sanjeevan Hospital and for children there is Chiranjeev Children Hospital.

Homeopathy Treatment in Roorkee

Though the most widely used medical treatment is allopathic treatment there is always the preference of homeopathic medicine as it is one of the most trusted mode of treatment for years. Roorkee has some of the best homeopathy doctors practicing in the city with their individual clinics for years. Some of the popular homeopathy clinics in Roorkee are Narayan Homeopathic Chikitsalaya, Dr Rajeev Kumar Garg Clinic, Dr Pradeep Verma Clinic and many others.

Ayurvedic Treatment in Roorkee

A similar interest is visible in ayurvedic medical treatment which is one of the oldest medium of medical care available. It is known to cure some of the crucial diseases in regards to skin, hair, weight management, gastric problems, orthopedic problems, diabetes and cancer. Roorkee has reputed hospitals and clinics in this mode of treatment like Brahma Hospital, Adesh Clinic and Hospital and many others.

Veterinary Clinics in Roorkee

As rightly spoken, pets are like a member of the family. They live with their masters and share their life with them whereas for the families having them, they are priceless possession. Taking care of the pet is as necessary as for any human being and for that reason Veterinary Clinics are very important for the pet owners. In Roorkee, however, this is not a problem at all as some of the experienced and senior doctors for animals is based in the city. Some of these clinics are listed below for reference

Dr Narayan Singh Clinic
Jadugar Rd, Roorkee Uttarkhand 247667
Phone: 1332 276668

Dr Amit Kumar Saini
Krishna Ngr, St No-6, Roorkee Ho Uttarkhand 247667
Phone: 9411501832

Dr Ram Kumar Verma Clinic
BSM Tiraha, Roorkee UP Uttarkhand 247667
Phone: 1332 276928

Dr Raj Kumar Vatsa
Civil Lines Roorkee
Uttarakhand 247667
Phone: 1332 229271

Pathology Labs in Roorkee

If one speaks about the primary and the most crucial part of medical diagnosis then it ought to be Pathology services. Today the Testing Labs have become so advanced and accurate that it has become the backbone of medical field and the most essential part for good medical treatment.

In Roorkee there are excellent private and government hospitals as well as popular nursing homes which have well functioning pathological labs attached with them which is a benefit for the patients coming to this medical establishments. But for others there are a series of private labs doing excellent job and having a high rated reputation in Roorkee. They are serving the inhabitants of the city for years and are known for their excellent work. Some of these Path Labs are Lal PathLab, Ratra Diagonistics, Gupta Pathology Lab, Shashi Pathology Lab, Saini Pathology Lab and many others.

To conclude Roorkee is a city which caters absolute no compromise in relation to medical facilities. As a result some of the best arrangements are present in the city to handle medical emergencies or any crucial and chronic diseases. However it is important for the travelers to be careful and avoid unhygienic food and water in the city.
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