Food in Roorkee

spring rollOne of the greatest attributes of the beautiful city Roorkee is that it is a place which shows immense interest in versatile cuisine styles and multiple food options from various parts of the country. The primary reason for this is the fact that the people here shares a multi-cultural environment since they come from different religions, place and social environment for various reasons like higher education, employment, etc and, thus, shares their food interest with the fellow natives. This way all food styles like North Indian Cuisine, South Indian Cuisine, Bengali foods, Punjabi dhaba and many other eateries are available in Roorkee.

Traditional Food in Roorkee

Since Roorkee belongs to the Garhwal region of Uttarakhand state, it enjoys a lot of traditional Garhwal cuisine too along with typical food style of Uttarakhand as a whole. Garhwal Cuisine mainly is prepared keeping in mind the Himalayan climate. The main food of this type of cuisine is lentil and rice with no special preference regarding vegetarian or non vegetarian dishes along with it. Bhatt is one of the famous Garwali dish made of kulath and soya beans. Some of the typical foods of Uttarakhand state are also enjoyed by people of Roorkee like Phaanu, a typical dish made of lentils, Kafuli, a dish of leafy vegetables and Chainsoo a dish prepared by black gram. One of the major restaurants which provides good traditional food in Roorkee is:

Sagar Hotel & Restaurant
19, Civil Lines, Roorkee
Uttarakhand - 247667

Sweet Shop and Dairies in Roorkee

Milk products and dairies have huge popularity in Roorkee. The city has quite a considerable number of dairies operating with huge demand of raw milk and other milk products. Butter and paneer are some of the favourite dishes of the people of Roorkee. For drinks they prefer chaach and lassi made out of pure milk. Some of the major dairies in Roorkee are Mehak Dairy, Sharma Dairy, Rehat Dairy etc.

Sweet Shops have equal popularity among the natives of Roorkee. Some of the best quality dessert and sweets are available in the shops of Roorkee. Be it North Indian sweets or the Bengali Sweets specialities, South Indian sweets or the famous jelly sweets one can get all variety in the sweet shops of Roorkee. The presence of branded shops likes Haldirams Sweets and Bikaner Sweets also add up in providing the best quality desserts in Roorkee.

Multi Cuisines in Roorkee

Since the love for food is different for each people the city has quite a few popular multi-cuisine restaurants to serve the taste buds of all. One can find various food styles in Roorkee and they can enjoy quality based tastiest cuisines of various parts of the country and abroad. Be it the North Indian dishes like aloo paratha, chole bhature, daal makhani, rajma chole, daal bhari puri kachori, or the south Indian specialities like Dosa Idli and vada one can find it all in the excellent restaurants of Roorkee. They serve both vegetarian and non vegetarian dishes which the customers can choose according to their preference. For North Indian foods one can visit Olive Restaurant and for South Indian dishes the best one is Blur Sapphire Restaurant.

Apart from this there is availability of Dhaba Restaurants which brings out the yummiest Indian dhaba food to savor at its best. The Punjabi delicious cuisines get its best taste at the Dhaba restaurants. One of the popular Dhaba Restaurant in Roorkee is Moon Star Punjabi Dhaba on Delhi Rd, Roorkee.

Chinese and Mughlai dishes are that genre of cuisine which ranks quite high in terms of popularity and taste. Roorkee, however, supports the love for these cuisines and the same food styles are available in The Punjabi Nature and Hotel Centre Point, Hotel Amber etc. Another food style which has gained immense popularity down the years is the Italian food styles with the lip-smacking delicious pizzas and pastas. Some of the popular pizza joints in Roorkee are Dominos Pizza at Civil Lines, Roorkee, Pizza Hub and New Pizza Hot at Prem Mandir Road. The later restaurants have both dine in and home delivery option as per the preference of the customer.

Fast Food in Roorkee

Fast food has immense popularity in every city with the people of Roorkee as no exception. Rather fast food, chaat, pakoras and samosas have a special place in the hearts of the natives. Crispy snacks and mouth-watering spices makes the street food of Roorkee alive for every people to enjoy. For the best fast food items and spicy Indian chaats one can visit Shiv Shital Chaat House at Idgah Road or Jain Chaat and Caterers and savour some of the best treats.

Coffee Shops in Roorkee

An integral discussion or a fun filled get together, all can be done at its best with just a perfect cup of coffee or tea. Be it in boredom or in a lazy morning there is nothing compared to a fresh cup of coffee or tea. Roorkee has some of the best beverage joints in the city which attracts the natives as well as travellers and people of all ages to have that perfect refreshing and energized drink. These coffee shops have exclusive varieties of coffee and tea which makes it more exciting.

Below is a list of all the major coffee shops and tea joint present in Roorkee along with their address and other details. Look for the closest shop to reach and enjoy a best cup.

Cafe Coffee Day

249/1/546, Opp Gopi Hospital
New Haridwar Rd, Roorkee Ho, Uttaranchal - 247667

Om Confectioner

Main Bzr, Roorkee Uttaranchal - 247667
Phone: 1332 270801

Krishna Tiffin Services
Roorkee Ho, Roorkee - 247667
Phone: 7042367812

Ultimate Bite
19 Civil Line, I.i.t Gate, I.i.t Road, Roorkee Ho, Roorkee - 247667
Phone: 9927266002, 1332 277011

Vikas Confectioners
Rajputna, Roorkee Uttaranchal - 247667
Phone: 1332 274472

Ridhi Tiffen House
133, Ram Nagar Road, Maktul Puri
Roorkee Ho, Uttaranchal - 247667
Phone: 9548144962

Amit Traders
Hardwar Rd, Roorkee Uttaranchal - 247667
Phone: 1332 227996

Tushar Confectioenrs
Civil Lines, Roorkee Uttaranchal - 247667
Phone: 1332 277871

Hunny Tiffin Center
Near Badi Masjid, Old Railway Road, Roorkee Ho, Uttaranchal - 247667
Phone: 8859131313, 9808313185, 9675096750

Anil Tea Stall
Bhadrabad, Oriental Bank, Roorkee Road
Roorkee Ho, Uttaranchal - 247667
Phone: 9997402332, 1332 248056

Shiv Shakti Tea
21 Super Bazar Cantt, Army Cantt
Lakshar Road, Roorkee Ho, Uttaranchal - 247667
Phone: 9837233518, 1332 280173

The best part of food in Roorkee is the affordable rates in spite of the excellent quality of the versatile cuisines. It is true that food is the necessity of life but along with it, it is one of the most preferred entertainment ways for all. And the entertainment gets its best exposure when it doesn’t give too much pressure on the pockets. And such is ideally available in Roorkee.
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